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Hide My Hass is the only serious and reliable solution for Anonymous Surfing online, and Completely Safe!


hide my assLooking for information on Hide My Ass?

If you are looking for information about Hide My Ass on this site you can find all the information about Hide My Ass, incredible software that allows you to surf the net anonymously online as it allows you to change your IP address and encrypt online activities.

Hide My Ass is a software in English (but extremely easy to use even if you do not know the English) that you can purchase and download from here => Download this software

The functionality of this software is really interesting because it allows you to browse online in a completely anonymous and secure so as to protect all your online activities.

The software is compatible with no problems for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android.

The installation of the software in your computer is really quick and easy, in fact, once you downloading the installation files, you run the wizard and after a few seconds the software will be installed on your computer and ready to use.

The great potential of software than the other software that allow you to surf anonymously online is changing the IP address that Hide My Ass lets you choose the IP address based on our geographical preferences.

This means that thanks to HMA when the software is active, you can choose from a list of IP addresses around the world, and this allows for example to appear in the eyes of a Web site as a user of your country.

So even if you connect from Italy you can be online as if you are connected from America, France, Russia, or any other country in which there is one of many servers that use HMA for you to browse on an anonymous online.

This capability offers many advantages because you register a account in America without the slightest difficulty in selecting a U.S. server because all the results at an authentic Italian American and not a user. So in that case you could cheat the system 🙂

In the longer hide my ass because it provides an additional security encrypts all your online activities so that it is not traceable in any way by anyone.

What else to say to hide my ass, really interesting is software that allows you to browse on-line by setting one of more than 7,000 IP addresses available and more allows you to surf anonymously and safely online without any problems.

Another very important thing you need to know to hide my ass, and that once you activate the software by hiding your real IP address your Internet connection will not be slowed down at all, as would happen with the use of free software or doubtful quality.

So even if the software is active you can browse online at the same speed when the software is disabled and does not protect your privacy.

The cost to use HMAis really ridiculous, in fact, if you want to try once this software that takes less than 10 euros, but once you’ve tried and tested by finding its incredible capabilities of counsel to make an annual payment as that there is a considerable savings.

Believe me, I’ve tried lots of software that allow you to surf anonymous online changing IP address, but are always disappointed when I found up to hide my ass and I’m sure that you too once you’ve downloaded and activated on your computer I’ll be very satisfied and not wanting more.

Plus, if you need help or support you can always count on the forum accessible to hide my ass on the site where you can ask for help even though I’m sure there will be no need.

I hope this article may have been helpful for understanding the potential to hide my ass.

=> Click here to download Hide My Ass

That’s what gives you Hide My Ass:
Instrument type: Software to install on your computer and turn on when you want to go online in a completely anonymous and safe (although 24 of 24).
What can you do?

1) Change IP Address
2) Anonymous Surfing Online
3) go online in an encrypted and secure
4) Access to blocked sites from the Italian state (online casinos, sex, etc. ..)
5) Create e-mail account Anonymous
6) create anonymous accounts in general
7) Download files from the Internet in a completely anonymous
8) Eliminate gaps between the download and the other File Sharing sites (megaupload, fileupload, etc. ..)
9) Remove the breaks on services Straming Online (Megavideo, etc. ..)
10) Talking on skype in a completely safe and untraceable
11) Use the iPhone in order to secure and anonymous internet services (navizazione, skype, downloads, etc. ..)

etc. …

Quality: – It ‘one of the best VPN (Virtual Private Name) for anonymous surfing online.
Compatibilità con i sistemi operativi: hidemyass – Windows (all), Mac (all), Linux, iPhone and Android
Security Level: – High
Level of Online Anonymity – High
Level of security with WiFi – High
Level of encryption when browsing – High
Online browsing speed when active: – Fast (it seems there is)
Ease of use: – Extremely easy
Activation speed: – Extremely fast (just enter your username and password and press a button. (See video at right) =>
Language: English, but it is very easy to use and it does not need to be an expert to speak English. (See video at right) =>
Number of usable IP addresses: More than 9000
Number of states to connect to: 26 states – Australia, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Hong Kong, Estonia, Hungheria, Ireland, Italy, Jappone, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turki , USA, Ukraine, England (see video at right to learn more) =>
Banda and unlimited data: Yes
Unlimited usage time: Yes
Download Time and activation: Immediately after the online payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, AlertPay, etc. ..)
Activation Type: Username and Password Access
Cost: Among the lowest in the category. Only $ 6.57 per month with annual subscription. But you can also choose to try the software for a single month for just $ 11.52 .
Warranty: 30 days money back guarantee
Updates: Lifetime free
Proof: See the video here on the right side of the site =>
Where to buy: Here – Buy and Download Software Hide My Ass



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