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When HideMyAss is active, do you see the Internet Service Provider?

Internet Service Provider hide my ass activeWhen you activate the software HideMyAss on your computer or the network connection HideMyAss on iPhone, iPad, Android and your new connection will be encrypted and 100% anonymous as it will also hide your real IP address which will be replaced with the server vpn to which you have decided to connect.

This connection is then that your personal information (such as IP address, data provider, place of connection, etc. ..) when you surf online are not revealed, or rather the original can not be proved, but only those provided the vpn server which of course will not be yours. So this will allow you to be completely anonymous to the sites on which you sail.

But before you get to surf the web, you have to pass through the Internet Service Provider that has the structure to which the ADS monthly pay to access the Internet. In short, the provider is the one that gives you access to the network. So …

What does the provider when you connect to the Internet WITHOUT HideMyAss?

When you connect to the Internet, without the use of your Internet Service Provider HideMyAss sees virtually everything you do on the web.

– Web sites you visit

– The research did you do

– The video that you saw

– The files that you downloaded

etc. …

In short, everything. And most importantly have the ability to retain a record of all your databases in their activities for up to 5 years if they are served with some investigation.

However these data, however, remain their property and will not sell or distribute them under any circumstances. Can only supply them in case of investigations. Do not know about you but a little ‘annoys me that these services know everything about what I do.

What does the provider when you connect to the Internet Activities HideMyAss?

When you connect to the internet having activated HideMyAss establishing a secure, encrypted connection by connecting to one of the many available vpn server, Internet Service Providers will not see anything and then it will not save any data on your online activities.

This is because activating HideMyAss this will create an encrypted connection and it is this which will protect your privacy as the provider will not be able to decipher the information that sees through their service.

Download this software now HideMyAss and starts protecting your privacy.



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