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What Makes HideMyAss VPN Software so Special?

hide my ass bestHidemyass is one of the finest software that can help in keeping your online activities under wrap. You can find a lot of similar software on the net but there is something that sets this software apart from others. Here, we will explore those details and help you appreciate it benefits.

First of all, we would like to mention that unlike other similar software, hidemyass does not hamper your internet connectivity. A common problem which a lot of people faced while using similar software was that their internet connectivity was hampered and the speed severely slowed down. We can assure you that you would find no such trouble with hide my ass and this is what sets this software apart from its competitors. So, if you want to continue with the blazing speed of your internet, hide my ass can be by your side.

The best uses which most people subject hide myass o has to be secured browsing. You can use an encrypted internet connection and can also send a lot of encrypted files to different people. Thus, it increases the net security levels which you can get over the internet. With this software you can surf the different sites anonymously as no one can track you down. You can also download innumerable files anonymously. If this has got you excited, brace for what comes next. Hide my ass actually empowers you to use your own IP address. It gives you the power to choose from innumerable IP subject to availability. To give you a detail in numbers, it is worth mentioning that they have over 70,000 IPs in store which means you would have plenty of options to work with. You can choose a new nationality every time you pick your IP. By choosing IP from different nation, you can deceive a lot of people as they would be fooled about your location with ease. This is an extremely innovative feature and has brought hide my ass a lot of positive reviews.

Hence, this software definitely has a lot of good things to cheer about. Although, you need to pay a price to avail it, we would recommend you to opt for annual subscription as you would end up saving a lot of money in the long run with the help of such subscriptions.

So, enjoy the different features and privileges and use your internet for visiting sites that were previously blocked. You can also make an anonymous call from Skype. The software is all set to give a new dimension to “anonymous” use of internet.

There are lots of good points of the software to ignore it. So, if you are in need of secured browsing or even private surfing, look no further than hide my ass. It is going to be definitely much better than all their competitors.

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