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Use HideMyAss is legal?

hidemyass legalIs the software HideMyAss legal?

When we talk about anonymous surfing and changing IP address with HideMyAss the the most frequent question is: But is the software HideMyAss legal?

Yes of course, it is 100% legal and otherwise it could not be sold! Don’t you think?

As everything, you need to know what is legal and what is not legal. The use of software HideMyAss is 100% legal because it allows you to protect your privacy and your personal data by encrypting all your web activities in order to defend yourself against hacker attacks and someone like these.

What is not legal, instead, is the forbidden activities that you can do using this software, such as online fraud and hacker activities.
Here is a striking example:

To better explain this concept I want to give you another striking example, which is the most known question about the software PTP (Pear to Pear) such as eMule, Torrent, etc. .. In other words, those software that allow you to download in an easy, fast and free way everything you want about music, videos, files, etc. ..

As the use of the software HideMyAss, also the use of these others is considered legal (as stated in a sentence of U.S. court) because software PTP are related just to the files sharing and all. What is illegal, instead, is free download material covered by copyright (copyright) like songs, movies, software, etc. … without paying a penny for the rights, and share them.

Therefore, as you can very well understand reading this example, the software is not illegal, but it is the use of it that you can do is considered illegal.

That’s why the use of HideMyAss is 100% legal. What may be illegal is the activities you’re going to do online, but it is nothing to do with HideMyAss.

So you can use the software without any problem because HideMyAss ,like the use of a PTP software such as Emule is legal. It’s up to you, then, choosing whether to do something legal or illegal.

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