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Here’s 5 benefits you have if you choose the HideMyAss software VPN

hidemyassI will show you in this article the 5 main benefits you have using the software vpn hidemyass.

1) Protect your data when you use unsecured networks.

It is very dangerous to connect to networks that have any kind of protection for your privacy such as Wi-Fi networks (i.e. wireless) that you can find nowadays in the airports, hotels, ferries, cruises, etc. ..  because, without having a good protection, you risk that someone like Hackers, who are probably sitting at your side, could sneack and steal your personal data and informations about your online activities, such as usernames, passwords, credit card, etc. .. 
Using HideMyAss, you can avoid all these problems and use all kind of connections, including free Wi-Fi being protected, because this software encrypts the entire connection and protects against Hackers attacks, thus avoiding that someone sneaks into your connection stealing your informations.

2) Be anonymous and protect your online identity.

When you activate the software HideMyAss all your online activities will be encrypted by changing the IP address of your current connection and so your identity will not be revealed online. Your anonymous online surfing is increasingly important because it is the only way to protect your identity and avoid that someone like hackers, spies or the same network provider to which you pay the ADSL, can traced what you did surfing the net.

3) Protect and make anonymous all your online activities.

Unlike Proxy network, the VPN networks, used by HideMyAss, allow you to encrypt and make anonymous all the activities you do through software that connect to the internet from your computer. In this way all data which will be received or sent online through an internet connection from your computer, how do the software of online chat (eg MSN), calls (eg Skype), sending or receiving files ( eg. Emule, Torent) will be protected and anonymous.

4) You can connect to the web from another country, avoiding censorships and access to some blocked websites in many countries (like China)

In some countries, the government may have limited the access to certain websites, because of their content, darkening them or forbidding the access for users who connect to the web from that country. This type of lock is essentially done by setting a filter that blocks the access to all IP addresses of that country to such sites, because the data of every websites depend on where you created the website and it cannot be modified. So if you connect to these websites from another country, or more simply using another IP address, the filter can be avoided because they do not block the access to users connected from other countries of the world. Then you just need to activate the software HideMyAsse to change your IP address and connect to the web through a vpn server on another country. And that’s all.
This makes it possible to trick the filter and that blocks the access to the websites without any problems. Even if you are physically connecting to the country where the site has been censored.

A practical example is the access to Facebook from China in some circumstances when the site is obscured. You cannot connect to Facebook, in fact, if you are in   ​ China. However, thanks to the software HideMyAss you can visit this website changing your IP address and connecting to the web through servers installed in other countries, where the access is free.

5) Access to the websites for users in other countries

There may be cases in which some websites or services are only accessible to users who live in a particular country. While other people who do not actually live in that country, cannot access to them. Honestly I think this restriction is a bit uncomfortable, but fortunately, HideMyAss also allows you to avoid this kind of restriction, because changing your IP addresses, you can have that one of the country from you need to surf the net. In this way, you can surf the net without restrictions and thus you be able to access to the websites or service you interesting in, although you are physically somewhere else in the world.

As you can see, the software HideMyAss is very interesting, and it allows you to avoid lots of problems, first of all the spread of your personal information.

Download now HideMyAss and start to protect your privacy and surf the Web 100% anonymously.



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