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Legal And Illegal Features Of Hide My Ass

Legal And Illegal Features Of Hide My AssThere are some software which allows you to opt for both the good and the bad activities. Hidemyass is one such software which gives you a lot of features some of which may be legal while others illegal. As a user, you need to know how to use the illegal software and still remain unscathed.

We will here explore the details of the different features which you can avail with hidemyass. Foremost of all, the good point of this software is that it allows you to keep hackers and other people who can intrude upon your privacy at bay. With the help of hide my ass, you can use an encrypted internet connection and also send a lot of encrypted files over the internet. You must be aware of the importance of using encrypted files and encrypted connection.

So, when security is a matter of concern, hide my ass can save the situation for you. It also allows you to surf anonymously, however its privileges do not end here. Hide my ass redefines the meaning of “anonymous surfing” as it actually allows you to fake your nationality. You can select IPs from other different nation which shall lead to promoting the belief that you are from some other nation while you are not. This is perfectly illegal and you must be smart enough to make its best use whenever necessary in such a way that you stay out of trouble!

If you are not an extremely technical efficient person, you have nothing to panic about. The instruction for installing this software is extremely clear and even a technically inefficient person would be able to install it with ease. It is supported on a lot of different platforms, so you are not going to suffer from the problem of operating system compatibility as well.

Yet another use of this software is that it can help you visit some of the blocked sites. So, if there are sites you would love to visit, but owing to the blocking you are unable to make it, hide my ass can play your savior. You can download a lot of different files in an anonymous way from the net with no one getting a hint of your movements.

Thus, there are innumerable advantages of this software. Whether or not it is legal depends upon the features that you are trying to use. However, it is worth mentioning that a lot of people are opting for this software to enjoy a wide variety of different privileges. Take your time to explore more about this wonderful software.

The odds are high that you would end up buying hidemyass to hide the different sites you visit and downloads you make and who knows faking your nationality as well!

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