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How to update HideMyAss

hidemyass upgradeHideMyAss service is always continuously updated to ensure professionalism, quality and safety of high-speed navigation for users. So you may want to update the software when it is updated HideMyAss system.

Here is how you update the software HideMyAss on PC, Mac or Linux

If you’re using Windows HideMyAss on PC, Mac or Linux, it means that you had to download and install the software hidemyass on your computer and in this case is this to be updated.

The update is very easy because, when it is available, the software will automatically reveals the update, showing you a message that warns you of the availability of a new software version, at the time you start using  the software.

You just then, click the button to do the upgrade on your computer and download the new version of software that you only need to install on your computer, automatically overwriting the previous one (but this is done during the new installation).

If you have problems installing, here you can find the rails: ” Install Windows HideMyAss “,”Install Mac HideMyAss “

That’s it. Once installed the new version of software you HideMyAss simply re-enter your login information (username and password) and activate the VPN connection HideMyAss.

Here’s how to update HideMyAss on iPhone, iPad and Android devices

The use of HideMyAss on iPhone, iPad and Android devices is different from that you make ​​by PC or Mac, where software has to be install. In fact, in this case you do not use a VPN connection but a PPTP connection and then you do not need to download or install any software. Just follow the steps I’ve explained here,” Turn on iPhone and iPad HideMyAss “and here” HideMyAss Turn on Android . “

So, in this case, there is no need to make a real update, as there is no software that is used. The only update, or rather the change that you can do, is that one which concerns the server to which want to connect, because over the time the available servers increases and then you may choose to connect to different servers, maybe  in a different country from that to which you are connecting now.



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