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HideMyAss slows the speed of navigation when it is active?

hidemyass speedThere are a lot of things that lead to the speed of the VPN servers that are used by HideMyAss.

The most important thing is your speed connection and the distance between your physical location (i.e. where you are now) and the location of the server you use to connect to the VPN.

For example, the connection between Thailand (where the user is physically located) and New York (where is the VPN server) has a distance of 8660 miles and then there is some loss of speed, of course.

This means that: “if you are close to the VPN server to which you choose to connect the speed connection and navigation are higher.” And this should not be a problem because now the service HideMyAss offers to you the possibility to connect to the VPN server in over 25 countries around the world.

However, checking the connection speed based on the server you want to connect, you can use the “Speed Guide” link within the software HideMyAss, once you have activated it on your computer.

Thanks to this tool you can do a test about the servers available and know what is the speed connection for each of them. Once you have finished you can choose, for example, that one is going faster.

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