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HideMyAss on Mac – Guide on how to install HideMyAss on Mac

Installare hidemyass su Mac AppleI will explain you how to download and install on your Mac the software HideMyAss that allows you to surf the net in a secure and anonymous way.

You can use HideMyAss on a computer (Mac, Windows or Linux) or on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. However, unlike these, that does not need to download or install anysoftware, the activation of Hide My Ass on a computer (laptop or fixed), instead, requires the installation of a simple software.

Let’s see how to install Hide My Ass on a Mac.

STEP 1: Access to your private area

Once you have successfully download the software by paying online, you can access to a restricted area through this link ( https://vpn.hidemyass.com/vpncontrol/signin ) or through the "LOGIN" of the page dedicated to the VPN software on the official website hidemyass.com ( http://www.hidemyass.com/vpn/.

At this point you must enter your username and password (i.e. the ones you choose when you create the account during the purchase) to access to your private area.
Within the first page of your account, you can immediately see:

  • State enrollment: ACTIVE or INACTIVE (if it is ACTIVE it means that your account / license is up and running and if it is INACTIVE it means that your license has expired and you have to renew)
  • Auto-Renew: ON or OFF (if ON it means that your membership will automatically renew at expiring of the credit through your credit card. Otherwise, if it is OFF it means that once the license will be expired you can use the software until you renew the license, paying manually. You choose this thing when ordering.)
  • Last payment: (shows the date of the last (or first) Payment)
  • Subscription ends: (shows the date of your registration / license to use the software)
  • Yellow button "RENEW $ $" (pressing the button if your subscription expires you can renew it and pay to activate the software again.)

hidemyass installazione mac

STEP 2: Download the software

Once inside your account you must go to the "DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE".

Choose the version of software compatible with Mac operating system (Tiger, Leopard or Lion) and click on the word "Click here to download" to download the software on your Mac.

hidemyass installazione mac


STEP 3: Install the Software

Once downloaded the software on your Mac, open it and start the installation that will take you only a few seconds.

hidemyass installazione mac

hidemyass installazione su mac riuscita


STEP 4: start the application

Once installed the software Hide My Ass, go inside the "Applications" directory on your Mac and click on the icon with the donkey and the words "Pro HMY VPN" to start the application.

hidemyass installazione mac attivazione


STEP 5: Activate the software

Once you have started the application you will see an operating control panel like the one shown in the picture below where you can enter your Username and Password to activate the software (the data are those that you use to access to the restricted area of ​​Hidemyas.com).

Once you have entered your Username and Password you need to select one of the many servers which you connect to and then click the button "Connect to VPN" to start the software that will establish a secure, encrypted web connection changing your IP address.

hidemyass it installazione su mac


STEP 6: You may need to install additional applications

It depending on the version of Mac you have. If you want to run the software Hide My Ass correctly, you may see alerts that notify that you need to install some extra applications or additional files to operate the software.

In this case, click on Install or on the link, to download the application on your Mac and then enable it.

hidemyass installazione sul mac


STEP 7: Check the work of the software

Once done, the software will be ready and you need to click "Connect to VPN". You should see a screen like this in which is shown your original IP (obscured in the image), the state from which you connect, the IP address which you are using to surf the net now and the server software that has logged.

hidemyass su mac


However, to check if everything works perfectly and if your IP address has really changed, connect on the network and visit the website http://ip-adress.com to see what is the current IP address which you are using to surf the net. If it is changed (and it is the same of which is shown) it means that Hide My Ass VPN connection is up and running.

If you want more information about how to use the software hide my ass, go to the video section: Hide My Ass Video

I hope I was clear and detailed in explaining how to download, install and activate the software Hide My Ass on your Mac. However, if you have questions or comments use the box below to send it.



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