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HideMyAss Download – Here’s how to download VPN software HideMyAss

download hide my ass

To download HideMyAss you must create an account on the official website HideMyAss.com and activate it through the online payment (at first, you can also make payment for one month of use, even if that is less cheap than annual).

Click here to access to the site and download HideMyAss

Once your effect the payment you can access through username and password to a restricted area where you will find all informations you need .The page you need to access to the private area is this: https://vpn.hidemyass.com/vpncontrol/signin

To download the software HideMyAss on a computer you need just to log into your private area, and click on "Software Downloads" where you will find all the links you need to download the software and install it on your computer according to the operating system (Windows , Mac or Linux).
For more information, see these guides:

If you want to use HideMyAss on iPhone, iPad or Android devices, you will not do any download, but you just follow the directions in these guides

I remember you that in both cases, in order to activate the service you need to enter your login, username and password, to check the validity of your license and then activate the software (for PC) or connect to the HideMyAss private network (in case of other devices).

However, the use of this service has a ridiculous price, because it only takes you 6,57 $ per month. Less than a pizza. Nevertheless, the benefits you get are unlimited because you can protect your data, your identity and make a lot of things.  HideMyAss Download



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