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Here’s what you conceal and protect HideMyAss

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HideMyAss offers a VPN service which means “Virtual Private Network”.

Once you have installed the software (if you use HideMyAss  on your computer) or a PPTP connection (if you use HideMyAss on iPhone, iPad or Android devices) your device is be connected to the HideMyAss VPN system, establishing an internet connection between your internet provider and the others around the world.

In this way, everything you do online will be encrypted and you can really surf the net 100% anonymously. This means that anyone trying to breach your internet connection and steals your personal informations (passwords, etc. ..) (That happens very often with the Wi-Fi networks) cannot do, because your connection will be encrypted and your web activities will be well hidden.

Here’s what you can hide and protect using HideMyAss:

  • The web sites you visit
  • The access informations, such as username and passwords, used to access Web sites or online banking sites
  • The online conversations (both textual and voice, for example using Skype)
  • The files you download and share
  • The details of your credit card

Etc. ..

Thanks to the security of encrypted connection, that HideMyAss offers you, you can avoid that someone accesses to your connection and steals your data or your personal informations.

In addition to make your online activity anonymous and secure, HideMyAss allows you to make anonymous also your online identity because it can hide your real IP address.

In fact, the IP address allows you to track all your online activities (web sites you have visited, files you have downloaded, registered accounts, etc. ..). In a few words, your IP address is your digital signature, which is saved every time you access to websites. Usually, your IP address is saved both on the Provider that you use for the internet connection, and on all websites you have visited and some other services that you have probably enable on your computer.

So your IP address can show to many people what websites you have seen, where you are connecting from (country and area), and which provider you are using to connect, also revealing your location.

Let me know, have you ever seen people walking around with a sign with own name, surname, and the street where they live?
I think not!

So, why should it happen online? Why should you show your personal informations to millions of people or to the online company?

Using the software HideMyAss you can avoid just that! It means avoiding that millions of people can have your personal informations and see your online activities.
In addition, this is extremely easy to do, since you just need to push a single button to activate an encrypted connection, and hiding your IP address too.
You do not need to have particular skills in software, encryptions or whatever.

You do not need any skills in the field of anonymity.

All you need to do is install the software HideMyAss on your computer, or create a new VPN for iPhone, iPad and Android as explained here ( HideMyAss guides ), and click a button to activate the connection that protect and safe all your data. Therefore, your identity remain anonymous.

Download HideMyAss and start to protecting your privacy and not only.



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