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Why change my ip address?

why change ip addressIf you really want to change your IP address, read here.
Now you can find out how to change your IP address, and you can do it in an easy and quick way. So you will netsurf online anonymously and safely, bat not only…

Dear Friend, If you want to change you ip address, I can exactly tell you how to do it, and I also can tell you what you can do if you want to change your IP address because:

If you change your IP address, you can do all these things:

  1. To netsurf in a completely anonymous way
  2. To download online in a completely anonymous way
  3. To download any kind of files online in a completely anonymous way
  4. Avoid time limits imposed by several online Streaming services (i.e. Megavideo, etc…)
  5. Avoid time limits when you’re downloading from several sites of Schear Hosting online (i.e. Rapidshare, Hotfile, etc…)
  6. To register a completely anonymous account
  7. To register a completely anonymous mailbox

In short, if you have the ability to change the IP address of your computer you really have many benefits, but the benefit I consider the most important is to go online in a completely anonymous surfing, and no one can track you down.
As you can see, having the ability to change IP, get you many benefit…

What is the IP address?

The IP address is a number assigned to you when you make the connection to the internet.
Each internet access has a specific IP, in fact at this moment I can exactly know:
1) what is your IP address, from which place you are connected
2) what is your provider to which you pay internet service
3) which operating system you have installed on your computer
4) what kind of browser you are using to netsurf

Do not you believe me? Here it is:

What is the purpose of the IP address?

The IP address is essentially to determine from where you are making your internet connection, and in this way is very easy to trace back to the city from where you are connecting and also to trace back to your own identity (obviously, in this case only qualified people, such as the police, can have access to it). However, using the IP address can be traced back to your identity and then view all your activities on the network.

So using an IP address is possible:

  1. To control an individual
  2. To find out which sites you have visited
  3. To find out what you have downloaded and from which sites
  4. To find out from where you are connecting
  5. Who you are

Therefore, if you don’t intervene changing your IP address your online life is constantly controlled and vulnerable. Anyone may see what you have done online.

However, there are several solution to all this, one of which is to change your IP address.

Well, but how you can change your IP address?

To change efficiently your IP address there are several way, some of which are more technical and the others are less technical and affordable for all.
I do not explain here those that are more technical because only Hackers or experienced programmers use them.
Those that I use, and that I recommend you to use, are very simple software that once installed on your computer will allow you to change your IP address in a few seconds and in an easily and quickly way, making you 100% anonymous.

Nowadays there are 2 kinds of this software that are affordable for all: Free and Paid.

I have tried both and like every time I have to confess that paid solutions are definitely the best even though they are not very expensive. Free software are very faulty and they have often cause me many problems about netsurfing or about safety because they use several server to get you an anonymous IP address and these server are used by anyone, even by bad or ill-intentioned people. Beside the fact that these programs have very limited functionality, slow down the netsurfing online and are not reliable from the point of view of privacy. Therefore, I suggest you to avoid them like the plague!

In short, using a serious and reliable software to change your IP address is the best thing to do to remain anonymous during your netsurfing or during your access to various services.

These are the recommended software to change your IP address: HideMyAss

hidemyassThis is definitely the best software currently in circulation. It has many features, provides enhanced security and total reliability. You can set up dozens of different IP address and from different countries of the worlds (so you can pretend to be connected from America, from China, from Germany, or from Italy too). In addition, the software encrypts all your online activities as to make you even more anonymous and protected (it secures the information about your netsurfing).

The price varies depending on the type of subscription purchased, and it can varies from 11$ a month (1 month subscription) to only 7$ a month if you purchase a 12 months subscription (recommended).

Believe me, once you have installed this software on your computer then you will not go back because you are guaranteed to be 100% secure and anonymous whenever you will connect to the internet. Besides the fact that software like this has endless fields of use.
To see the full description of this software, click here => Download HideMyAss



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