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How do change IP address with HideMyAss ?

Hidemyass is an incredible VPN software that allows you to change your IP address and encrypts the whole Internet connection. It works with all applications that require an Internet connection (PC and MAC).

No configuration required and once you have installed it on your computer just start the program, enter your login and your Internet connection will be immediately encrypted and protected.


Hide my ass is an incredible VPN

One of the features that I love about this software is the ability to change your online identity (or your IP address) very easily by selecting more than 16 servers from which to connect the Internet in many countries throughout the world, including: USA, Britain, Canada, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, etc…

hidemyass change your online identity (or your IP address)

In addition the list of servers that are used and that are ever increasing.

If you want to see the complete list server click this link: Hide my ass

Thanks to this extraordinary long list of servers, if you want, you can be connected (in concern to the web sites you are visiting) from United States of America or from Germany too in a very easy way, even you are connected from your home.

In addition, you can switch from an American IP address to a different IP address such as a Russian IP address in a few seconds with a single click.

Then, every time you are connected, the IP address that the software gives you will always be new to make your surfing more and more secure and anonymous.

Additionally, every server can have more than a single available IP address, so in this way the software can give you a different IP address every time in a completely automatic way even if you are always connected using the same server.

In this way you will be able to protect your privacy and preserve your anonymous while you are on-line, hiding you behind a lots of different IP address that you can easily selected by a click.

It will be also possible to protect your privacy if you are using a Wi-Fi network connection because when you use a public Wi-Fi network connection you could be easily intercept by Hackers and others. Therefore, thanks to this software you can use all these informations without someone can steal them.

This software works with all the computers that have an internet connection.
You have a lot of possibility of using it. In fact, you can use this software to surf the net in a secure and anonymous way, to download and/or share files through a P2P software, make calls through VOIP programs like Skype, to create e-mail account completely anonymous, play network games, ect…
In addition, this software has a graphical user interface very easy to use.

However, the most important think to know is that your connection and surfing speed while you are using this software, will be never affected because this software provides high performance of connectivity.

In other words, you can use your computer doing everything you want without noticing that the software is working. This software is compatible with computers that use both Mackintosh operating system, windows and linux too.

Here are some videos that show how the software works:

Software operation

Speed test



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