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How Change IP address for remove Megavideo block 72 minutes?

Cheange Megavideo IP addressIf you are looking for an easy, fast and functional way to change ip address and avoid blocking of Megavideo 72 minutes in order to watch films without breaks, then you are going to find out exactly how you can do it.

I must say that the block of Megavideo 72 minutes is a bad thing when you are watching films that last longer than 72 minutes. Because after you have seen the first part of the film until 72 minutes, if you do not use some tricks, such as changing your IP address, you have to wait about 30 minutes to carry on the view of the last part of the film.

I do not know what you think about this, but I think the block of Megavideo 72 minutes is very uncomfortable when I want to see films using Megavideo.

It is for this reason that I looked for solutions to avoid blocking of Megavideo 72 minutes. And fortunately, I found a good solution.

However, before I found it I have tried so many strategies that allow you to watch videos uploaded on Megavideo through their own web site such as MegaVideo9.

It works in this way: when you find a film or any kind of videos, you need of URL of these and then you put the link on these web sites, so you can watch films avoid blocking of Megavideo 72 minutes.

However, there are many problems because if you use these websites the loading of the video or film is very slow, and this because the software that operate on these web sites need to do several steps in order to offer a video without the block of 72 minutes. This can slow very much the video upload, making it unwatchable, as it should to be loaded for 30 minutes to see only the first 10 minutes of the video. Therefore, to watch an entire video you should leave it loaded for hours and then view it completely.

However, anyone say you this!

And if you want to watch a film now you can’t use this websites because you should have had to left it loaded a lots of hours ago.

So, in other words, it is easier to make a 30 minute break when you get on 72 minutes and then carry on the vision.

Here is the best solution I have ever found!

Fortunately, I found another great strategy that consists in changing my IP address. As you know the IP address is a code that identifies you when you access internet.  Megavideo works using IP address of your own network to stop the videos at 72 minutes and requires 30 minutes before you can watch the rest of the video.

So changing your IP address, you can cheat the system because you watch the first part of the video using your IP address and the last part using another one. So when you are at 72 minutes you can change your IP address and continue to watch the video without any break imposed by Megavideo. Once you changed your IP address you have to update the page and restart the video from the point it stopped.

As you can see, this is a very efficient solution; indeed, it is the best if not the only! You can also have a good connection speed that allow you to watch the film without waiting for the video upload.

Here is how I can change my IP address!!

hidemyassYou have different ways to change your IP address. However what I am using now, and which that I recommend you, consists to install a very easy software on your computer (compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux) that once installed will allow you to change your IP address with just a click. Thus, avoid the block of Megavideo 72 minutes.

The software I am talking about is called hidemyass e you can download from here => HideMyAss Download

Unlike all the other strategies, however, using this software requires a charge of 5 euro per month, but the benefits you can obtain using this software are unlimited, first of all you can finally avoid the block of Megavideo 72 minutes.

This means that you can watch all the films you want without a 30 minutes break or waiting for loading the video.

In other words, you can watch films as you are not using any software.

In addition, the software I recommend you has another important feature that consists to encrypt and make sure your internet connection so that anyone will know what you are doing using your computer. In short, if you install the software hidemyass you can surf the net in a completely anonymous way.

Well, what I said to you is the method I use to watch videos on Megavideo avoiding any kind of limits. And this because using the software I recommend you I can change my IP address with a click and continue to watch the video without break.

If you have any kind of doubts, questions and so on, you can use the forum below.



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