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Change IP address is legal?

change ip legalOne of the most frequent questions you ask me is this: can I change my ip address legally?

The answer is yes, it’s 100% legal. What is illegal is not changing you IP address, but all the on-line operations that you can do.

Here is a very interesting example:

As you surely know, nowadays there are some software called PTP (pear to pear) such as Emule, Torrent, etc… that allow you to download songs, videos, films, files, etc… in a very easy, fast and free way.

That you may not know is that these kinds of software are 100% legal. That is their installation and use is legal, but it is illegal to download copyrighted product such as films, songs, software, etc… without paying a cent. Moreover, this does not depend on the software you are using, but on yourself, because you are the only responsible for this.

The same think is true for all that software that allow you to change your IP address and surf the net in anonymous way while you are on-line, that you could use both in legal and illegal way, if you want to make business as Hacker or maybe do frauds.

So, if you can see, it is completely legal to use this kinds of software, such as hidemyass, that allow you to change your IP address, make your surfing very secure, protect your privacy while you are on-line and visit those web sites that some Country have chosen to block (see Facebook in China or in other country).

Find out here all the details about the operation of Hide My Ass. The software that make possible changing your IP address and surfing the net in a completely anonymous way.



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