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Surfing anonymous with Firefox? Forget it!

Surfing anonymous with FirefoxSince I am interested in surfing the net anonymously, I have always tried to find online something good about it, and so I found informations about how I can surf the net anonymously using Firefox. This guide “anonymous surfingshows you how you can surf the net anonymously through Firefox settings.

It seems to be good but it does not really protect your privacy and your personal details that are spread on the web while you are online.

What you can do using Firefox settings for surfing anonymously is not good at all. In fact, you can just hide your internet history or the files you download on your computer while you are online.

If what you need is protect your privacy and your personal details, you can understand well that this cannot guarantee your online anonymity. In fact, using this setting for surfing the net anonymously is just delete your internet history on your computer, avoiding for example that someone of your family can see the web sites you have visited or your online activities.

However, this is not enough to guarantee your privacy because your IP address, that identify the user, is the same. Only changing this you can surf the net anonymously.

Therefore, if you want to avoid this and safe your privacy what you need to do is changing your IP address and encrypt your online activities. In this way, you can protect you from Hackers attacks and anyone can identify your identity and your personal details.

In order to surfing the net anonymously and having a fast connection speed I recommend you the use of this software hidemyass, ( Click here to Download HideMyAss ) the best software you can install on your computer to surf the net in a completely anonymous way.

Using this software, you can easily change ip address and then hide your online identity.
In addition, this software can encrypt all your online activities.

So, if you want to surf the net in a completely anonymous way without anyone steal your personal details avoid free solution such as Firefox settings, because these are not good.



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