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How to surf the net anonymous using iPad?

How to surf the net anonymously using iPadThe iPad is a very great tool that has revolutionized the world of technology and all our life.
It is an ebook reader, a tool for fun and work, and you can also surf the net with it. In addition, if you want to do this in anonymous way and protect your virtual identity and your personal details, I can show you exactly how.

First of all I have to say to you that all the other strategies you could find on the web that show you how you can surf the net anonymously through the use of browsers etc.. are completely useless. Those solutions do not allow an anonymous surfing because they cannot allow changing your IP address. And you know now that it is the first thing you have to do if you really want to surf the net anonymously.

Another topic that I want talk about is the illegality of hiding your identity online.
This is not illegal at all. That is, you can protect your privacy , your personal details and your online activities. But if you want to do activities such as fraud or became Hacker, then you have to know that is completely illegal.
In other words your activities can be legal or illegal, but this kind of software are legal.

So, as long as you do legal activities on the web, you can surely surf the net anonymously without any problems.

Here is how surfing the net anonymously with iPad

As I have already said to you, you can surf the net in a completely anonymous way just changing your IP address. The IP address is simply a number code that your provider connects to your internet connection. It is like a national insurance number (or Tax Code). Moreover, anyone knows it can find out your identity and your online activities you have done for the last 5 years.

That is because if you do not can change your IP address you can never really surf the net anonymously. If you have the same IP address you will be found and, of course, free applications or software cannot guarantee you to protect your privacy. And they have a cost too.

However you can find a better and cheaper solution that allows you both change your IP address and surf the net anonymously, encrypting all your on line activities. This software is called hide my ass.

Hide My Ass is a professional software that offer to everyone who has an iPad, iPod, Android or simply Windows, Mac or Linux to surf the net in a completely anonymously way.

You can install this software easily because you need just to create an account on official web site HideMyAss.com. you have to buy a licence for 1, 6 or 12 months and follow the activation process shown here: “how to start HideMyAss iPad

After a few minutes you can really surf the net anonymously without worry about someone might steal your identity or find out your personal details or all kind of your online activities.

Enjoy surfing!  



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