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How to surf anonymous using your iPhone?

How to surf anonymous using your iPhoneIPhone is a great tool that allows you to do a lot of things, including surfing the net. Now I will show you how you can anonymous surfing with your iPhone, protecting both your identity and your online activities.

I first recommend you that you have not to consider the other applications or browsers or maybe those strategies that you can easily find on the web, because none of those will give you a real protection as can do the software that I am going to show you. In fact, it allows you surfing the net anonymously using an IP address different from the one you use currently.

Before explain how you can use it with iPhone, I repeat you that it is absolutely legal surfing the net anonymously if you want to protect your privacy and personal details. However, it can be illegal if you use your anonymity to do activities such as Hacker frauds.

If you want to do so  ( Hacker activities and fraud) it should be better stop reading and exit this web site. If you want to protect your privacy, your personal details and surfing the net anonymously, then please read on.

Here is how to surf the net anonymously using your iPhone

There are many ways to surf the net anonymously, but the most important and secure is change ip address. The IP address is just a number that can identify your internet conection. And everyone who knows it can easily find out your virtual identity and your online activities.

However, you could find so many different browsers, applications and so on that offer to you the possibility of being anonymous when you are online, but these are very expensive and they do not allow you to protect your privacy at all.

The easier solution, that one I recommend you, is hidemyass. Using it you can change your IP address and then surf the net 100% anonymously.

If you want to use this software on your iPhone you need to create an account on the official web site HideMyAss.com. When you have created the new account you just follow the activation procedure shown here “How to Activate HideMyAss on iPhone” and after a few minutes you can start surfing the net in a completely anonymous way.

In addition, once you create an account on Hide My Ass (without paying money) you can have anonymously surfing also on your computer, Mac, iPad and Android.
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In this way, you can use this software anywhere, both on computer or notebook.

Enjoying anonymous surfing



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