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How to hide your online activities with HideMyAss?

Hide Your Online Activities With HideMyAssMost of us might like to surf the internet anonymously as we might not want our online activities be tracked by other sources. If you too are looking for a smart solution that can help you satiate this demand of yours, hidemyass is the perfect software to use. ( Click here to Download HideMyAss )

There are innumerable advantages of using this software and most people who have opted for hide my ass have benefitted tremendously from it. Not only does it allows you to carry on your online activities without being  tracked by changing your IP address, but it actually gives you the privilege to choose your own IP address.

You would be provided a huge list of over 70000 different IP address and you can choose the IP that you want. This can help you fake your nationality as you may choose an IP from a different nation and thus the internet authorities will be tricked into thinking that you belong to some other nation.

No doubt, it is a great advantage for those who want to carry out their online activity and surfing anonymously. The price for this software is justified compared to the different features which you can avail with the help of hide my ass. You would not face any technical glitch owing to the reason that this software has support for the different platforms, be it windows, MAC, Linux, android or others as well.

The installation of this software is very easy and within a few steps you should be able to get it installed on your system and it should be up and running.
Even if you are looking for extra security, you should opt for hide my ass. It provides efficient encryption services and you can send encrypted files or even use an encrypted online connection as well. Thus, you have a lot of different advantages of opting for such software.

A lot of people are opting for it these days, you too can join the bandwagon and enjoy private surfing and fool other people regarding your whereabouts. So, opt for hide my ass and enjoy the different advantages that it offers. It is the dynamic choosing of IP addresses which makes this software one of the must buy products. Also, it does not hamper your internet speed. There are lots of similar software available on the net which significantly hampers your internet speed. However, with hide my ass; you would not face such crisis situations.

So, go ahead and buy your own software so that the next time you surf online, you have the power to set your own geographic location and use an IP address which you think fit! You can empower your internet surfing significantly with the use of this wonderful software!

All you need to do is install the software HideMyAss on your computer, or create a new VPN for iPhone, iPad and Android as explained here ( HideMyAss guides ), and click a button to activate the connection that protect and safe all your data. Therefore, your identity remain anonymous.

Download HideMyAss and start to protecting your privacy and not only.



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