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How to anonymous surfing with HideMyAss!

anonymous surfing with hidemyassIf you want to surf the net anonymously, hiding your identity and protecting your personal details and your activities on the web, also avoiding leaving any trace of you on the web sites you visit as well as your own provider that you pay monthly, now you can find out exactly how to do it.

Is anonymously surfing illegal?
Most of the people think that anonymous surfing is illegal, but it is not at all. Because only the activities you do on the web (such as fraud or being Hacker) are illegal and not the fact of being anonymous. For example, if you use PTP websites like Emule, Torrent etc… you know that these are not illegal but you cannot download copyright stuff such as songs, software and so on…
Therefore, the use of these sites is legal! In other words, these web sites that protect your virtual identity are legal but what you do through them is illegal.

So, surfing the net anonymously is legal, since you can firstly protect your own privacy, but you can do it without causing any kind of trouble to anyone.

Why choose anonymously surfing?

The need of surfing the net anonymously can have several reasons such as:

  1. Avoid the spread of your personal details (IP address, what time you are connect to the network, your favorite sites, your general activities online, etc…)
  2. Increase protection from Hacker attacks
  3. Access to blocked web sites all around the world
  4. Protect your chat and calls on Skype or other voip services
  5. Create anonymous account
  6. Access to web sites and internet services reserved for foreign users
  7. Access to web sites hiding any kind of trace


Of course these are just something you can do if you start surfing the net anonymously. However, you can do some of these only using some professional software, even one in particular, the software called hidemyass.

Here is how you can surf the net anonymously using Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass is a software that allows you surfing the net anonymously using your computer (with Mac, Windows or Linux) or through mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android.

If you want to surf the net anonymously using you computer ( Mac, Windows or Linux) you can simply Download Hide My Ass from the reserved area which you will access to once you have bought  the subscription (monthly, semi-annual or annual) and installed on your own computer as it shows in these two guides:

If, instead, you would like to surf the net anonymously using your iPhone or iPad, or any other mobile devices such as Android, you do not need to download this software, but you can just create a new network connection by entering your data as explained in these two guides:

Once you have installed the software (if you are using a computer) or have created a new network connection (if you are using iPhon, iPad, or Android) you can have a secure and encrypted connection to the web with just a click. In this way, you can also change your IP address and use the one of the server you are connecting to, that probably is located in a different country.

Why can you surf the net anonymously using the software Hide My Ass?

If you choose Hide My Ass, you can surf the net anonymously for several reasons:

1. It allows you to create a secure and encrypted connection that your provider cannot see
2. You can change your IP address easily

Thanks to these features, you can surf the net anonymously and protect your virtual identity. Download this software, Hide My Ass, now and start to surf the net in a completely anonymous way.Download Hide My Ass



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