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How anonymous surfing using Mac?

How surfing the net anonymously using your MacOne of the common strategies to completely anonymous surfing is certainly to use the free software called TOR; however, I cannot recommend it at all because of:

  1. Slower connection
  2. Unprotected and unsafe connection
  3. Blocked web sites, especially those with strong security protocol
  4. Too many Hackers attacks
  5.  unprofessional and undeveloped system because it is free


In other words, if you do not want to switch from an ADSL connection to that one 56k without any kind of protection and possibility to surf the net anonymously, I recommend you to avoid using this system.

Here is the solution I am using to surf the net anonymously with Mac

What I recommend you is using a professional system because they are made by a professional team that increase and keep update the system. It just thanks to these services that you can really surf the net anonymously.

In addition, this kind of systems can allow you to change your IP address to have an anonymously surfing. On the contrary, the other ones do not allow you to do this.

If you do not know what is an IP address, I can tell you it is just a number code that identify your internet connection and if someone knows your IP address can easily find out your identity, steal your personal details and see all your online activities.
This is why you have to change it using another one more sure, that this kind of system can give you when you install their software.

Among many professional software I used, the one I recommend you because it is easy to use and reliable, is the software called “hide my ass”. Moreover, it is surely the cheaper I have ever found because it used throughout the world.

You can use the software HideMyAss just creating an account on the official web site HideMyAss.com, buy the license for 1, 6, or 12 months, download the software on your own computer and install it.

You can find further information on this guide: “Install HideMyAss on Mac

Once installed it you just need to enter your personal login data (username and password)that the system has given you since you created your account and you finally can surf the net  anonymously and in a secure, legal and protect  way. All your activities on the web are encrypted by the system to avoid Hackers attacks on your computer and on the provider of your ADSL. In addition, thanks to this software you can hide you online activities for the next 5 years.

I do not know what are your needs but I prefer to protect myself and my computer saving my privacy and avoiding someone can find any personal informations. Therefore, it is better to protect your computer well!

Enjoy your surfing



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